Parker Knoll

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Throughout its impressive 140-year history, Parker Knoll has established itself at the very heart of furniture manufacturing in the United Kingdom.

The company’s extensive range of beautifully designed upholstery combines stylish pieces with sumptuous comfort; hand crafted in Derbyshire, it offers the best of British quality and timeless design.

Innovation at Parker Knoll has always been a way of life; it was the first furniture company to use a revolutionary new spring system, and in doing so, Parker Knoll set new standards for comfort in domestic upholstery; and mention the word “recliner” today, and people instinctively think of Parker Knoll.

In 1869, founder Frederick Parker approached the development of fine furniture with a simple goal – to transform the sitting experience, and today, the team at Parker Knoll continues to work to this core principle.

Renowned innovators and market leaders in design, technology and fabric development, Parker Knoll brings you the very best of classic sofas and elegant chairs, the latest developments in recliners of unparalleled comfort, and the finest fabrics and leathers sourced from around the world.

Made & Designed in the UK.

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