Terms & Conditions

All Savi Maurizio Furniture products are guaranteed to be designed and made in Italy, unless otherwise stated.

Deposit & Payment

A Deposit of 50% is payable on all Forward Orders and Custom Made furniture. Orders will not be placed until such time as the Deposit has been paid. Delayed payment may cause delivery times to be extended.

Cancellation of Forward or Custom Made Orders will incur a loss of Deposit. Due to Forward and Custom Made Orders being manufactured and shipped out of Italy, no exchange of these Orders is possible for a ‘change of mind.’

Savi Maurizio Furniture holds the right to cancel the sale at any point if the fabrication of the goods by a third party is ceased at no fault of Savi Maurizio Furniture; in this instance, a full refund will be issued for the relevant item only.

Once your shipment from Italy has arrived, payment of the balance of the full invoice is required prior to Delivery of the goods. If payment is made by cheque, the payment must have cleared prior to delivery. Failure to meet this requirement may result in delayed Delivery. Any subsequent delays or cancellations with local transport companies are the Customer’s sole responsibility.

If the Customer cannot pay the balance owing on any Savi Maurizio Furniture Forward or Custom Order within twenty-one (21) days of being notified that the goods have arrived in the Showroom of purchase or into the Savi Maurizio Furniture Warehouse, ordered goods will be put into Floor Stock for subsequent sale, and the Customer’s Deposit will be forfeited.


Any storage of the ordered Custom Made or Forward Order items in excess of two (2) weeks from availability of same, should be agreed at the point of purchase and Savi Maurizio Furniture may charge a Storage Fee of up to $100 per item per week where the items are not collected or able to be delivered.

All Floor Stock and Clearance purchases are required to be collected or delivered within a period of two (2) weeks from date of purchase, unless otherwise agreed at point of sale; a Storage Fee of up to $100 per item per week may be applied.

All goods remain the property of Savi Maurizio Furniture until final payment is received.


Any claims of faulty products must be made within forty-eight (48) hours of delivery if they are to be accepted by Savi Maurizio Furniture. We ask that you forward to us images of any fault or damage to be claimed, together with a detailed explanation of what the issue/s are. We will arrange to have the damaged goods returned to us and an inspection undertaken for any repair, replacement or refund due to you.

Please note, Floor Stock or Clearance furniture purchased in condition as seen on the floor, needs to be inspected and its condition accepted by the Customer in writing prior to delivery of the item to ensure that you are completely satisfied and aware of the condition of the Floor Stock/ Clearance goods as purchased from our Showroom.

Once a Floor Stock or Clearance purchase has been finalised, Savi Maurizio Furniture will not offer any refund, exchange, credit or replacement for ‘change of mind’ or for any other reason.

When an item is delivered, it is required that the item is inspected by the Customer. Any visible damage or notable design discrepancy to the item/s needs to be immediately identified to the Delivery Driver at time of receipt of goods.

Faulty Goods

Savi Maurizio Furniture guarantees, by either repair or replacement, to make good any defect due to workmanship or faulty material for a period of two (2) years from date of delivery, provided that the furniture has been cared for in accordance with the maintenance of furniture instructions detailed in our ‘Furniture Care’ Certificate.

Please note that we do not refund or exchange goods unless they are found to be faulty.

Our Warranty

Our Warranty covers structural faults only and does not apply to upholstery and/or the misuse or abuse to goods by the Customer in their homes.

All timber products are natural products, and, as such, have characteristics that make each piece of furniture unique and individual; mineral streaks, grain variations, knots, pitch pockets, color variations and other markings create a natural beauty. No two trees are exactly alike, and this is reflected in the unique character and lustre of all Savi Maurizio timber furniture products from Italy.

Please note that furniture pieces you order may contain these color and grain variations, which may differ from those you may have viewed in our Showroom or online; this is entirely natural and in no way compromises their beauty and ever lasting appeal.

If the goods have been moved from their original point of delivery in your home by external contractors, this Warranty becomes void.


Please note that Delivery of any item by Savi Maurizio Furniture is not inclusive of making space for the delivered item in the Customer’s home.

Savi Maurizio Furniture delivers its furniture for a Delivery Fee of $185 per single small furniture item to the Sydney Metro area, and $285 for larger items, such as bookcases, sideboards, sofas etc. If there are several larger furniture pieces being delivered together, please ask your Showroom Design Consultant for a Delivery Quotation.

In towns or cities outside the Sydney Metro area, Savi Maurizio Furniture can also assist with providing Customers with a Delivery Quotation, or, regional Customers can nominate their own transport carrier and pay all associated charges and insurances direct to that carrier. Savi Maurizio Furniture requires a minimum of forty-eight (48) hours notice for collection of Goods, after final payment has been made in full.

Should the Customer elect to pick up any purchased item from our Showroom or Warehouse, please note that the pick up will have to occur within specified times nominated by Savi Maurizio Furniture.

Reasonable access for Delivery of all purchased goods is wholly the sole responsibility of the Customer, and we ask that you discuss parking arrangements for our Delivery Truck, goods lift measurements, concierge terms, and any other Delivery access issues, such as stairs, staircases and sizes of landings in and to your home or apartment with your Showroom Design Consultant at time of order.

Please note, additional Delivery charges will apply if Savi Maurizio Furniture considers Delivery access to be difficult and thereby normal Delivery times become extended due to parking or access issues not fully disclosed or as stated to your Showroom Design Consultant at point of purchase.

Otherwise, Delivery will need to be re-scheduled and an additional Delivery Fee will be charged for any goods unable to be left at Customer’s premises due to access issues not disclosed at point of purchase; no refund will be issued in this case.

If there is any uncertainty about reasonable access, please give a detailed account to your Showroom Design Consultant of how our Delivery Truck may properly access your premises prior to Delivery.

If a Delivery is deemed beyond reasonable access and requires Delivery and/or installation resources (for example a crane or scissor lift), the onus is on the Customer to organize and pay for such a Delivery and/or installation. Savi Maurizio Furniture is happy to assist the Customer with obtaining Delivery and/or installation quotes in these circumstances. Savi Maurizio Furniture is not responsible for any damages, delayed deliveries or any other losses caused to the Customer by any outsourced Delivery and/or installation companies.

Please note, if the Customer requests a “split delivery” of the purchased items, additional charges will apply also to the second and any subsequent deliveries.

Savi Maurizio Furniture reserves the right to nominate the day of Delivery of the Goods, which will be performed within a mutually agreed time frame, and all reasonable endeavours will be made to ensure this occurs; unforeseeable circumstances may impact Delivery within the agreed time frame.


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