Touch Wood

Why Does Wood Continue To Be An Essential Material For Furniture?

Wood is a material of high importance in furniture and interior design for a number of essential reasons.
These reasons range from its warm and natural look to its versatility and sustainability.
Wood is an essence of antique taste, but always oriented to the future; even in the tombs of the pharaohs, perfectly preserved inlaid wooden furniture has been found.

In Norway, you can still find some churches built entirely of wood by the Vikings that have survived for over 800 years; in the Alps, there are huts and refuges built one hundred years ago that are still active today as refreshment points.

By nature, wood is a 100% ecological and renewable material, and during production, it requires little energy consumption, which is far less than that required for the manufacture of a corresponding synthetic material.

Compared to plastics, wood is a natural, non-toxic material, safe for human health, and its heat-insulating properties help regulate the temperature and humidity inside homes, improving the comfort and well-being of occupants. It also has sound-absorbing properties: as compared to glass or metal, it has the ability to absorb and dampen sound energy.

The only thing to watch out for in terms of health from wooden furniture may be the glues used during assembly or the varnishes in the finish. This is why it’s important to choose companies that use substances with a low environmental impact, such as the water-based paints used here at Prestige and Savi Maurizio Furniture.

Wood offers a natural, warm and cosy look that goes well with a wide range of styles and designs.
Its natural beauty and variety of essences, grains and colours make it suitable for modern as well as traditional furniture. It can be modelled and crafted to create a wide range of furniture and furnishing accessories.
There are many different species of wood, each with its own unique characteristics. This variety allows designers to select the most suitable type of wood for their project, whether it be hardwood such as oak or walnut, or softwood such as pine.
From classic chairs and tables to bookcases, cabinets, beds and lamps, wood is a flexible material that can be used to meet a variety of design needs.

We can also say that touching wood gives complete well-being in all seasons. It gives a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation, adding to any environment the natural charm of a living, ancient material that is still essential to human beings.

In summary, wood is fundamental to furniture because of its beauty, versatility, durability, sustainability and health and wellness benefits. It is a material that has a long and rich history in the furniture industry and will continue to be a popular choice in future furniture projects.
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